What Your Small Law Practice Needs

OneLegal Accounting

OneLegal Accounting is your Do-it-All Legal Admin. We offer a comprehensive back-office support solution that enables your firm to operate at maximum efficiency and allows you to focus on what only you can do - the Practice of Law!

We become your Administrative partner, supporting your practice by shouldering the responsibility and execution of all the things for which you did not go to Law School -- advanced Client and Case Matter Management, Time & Billing and Accounting & Payroll.  Contact us to learn more.

Client & Case Matter Management

Effectively manage your Client matters and grow your legal practice

OneLegal Accounting provides you 24/7 access to your clients and their case matters with an easy-to-use Attorney interface that puts all of your firm's work information and matter statuses at your fingertips in real time.
Unlimited, secure document storage is included at no additional cost.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Time & Billing

The cornerstone of an efficient practice

OneLegal provides an easy-to-use Time & Billing system that can capture your Time in the office or on your mobile device. All work matters are available 24/7 with billing increments ranging from 1/4 to 1/100th of an hour. And transforming those approved Time entries into easy to understand and accurate client invoices can take less than 1 min/client.
The OneLegal system also tracks Trust account and Retainer activity in real time and includes that activity & balances on the invoice.

Accounting & Payroll

Measuring your firm's financial performance

Here at OneLegal, we actually LIKE doing the accounting that provides you with timely Financial statements that measure the health and financial performance of your firm.

Our system provides real-time Performance Dashboards and one-click reports that enable you to proactively manage your legal practice. We have more than 100 canned reports and graphs that can be customized just for you.

We also make sure that you and your staff are paid correctly and on time with Direct Deposit while staying in compliance with all the DOL and state and local rules & regs.

Analysing the Data

Contact Us

Send us your contact information and the number of Attorneys in your firm and we'll start the process of

taking care of everything for your firm EXCEPT the Practice of Law!

Well, except the practice of law and filings and legal secretary work- we just do the Admin stuff.

In the cloud, with HQ in Stafford, VA 22554